Post-Mortem Narrative (Paperback)

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"Post-Mortem Narrative" is which is a follow-up to "Smoke and Mirrors" and is currently running for the CLUE Award for Suspense & Thriller novels.

Her last case ("Smoke and Mirrors") had dredged up scars from her past, but that was all behind her now. Or so she thought...

The drive to the Coroner's Office was far from typical for Detective Nash. Not that such an excursion was an abnormality; as a Homicide Detective one could say it was an all-too-often occurrence. But today was different; the image within her own mind, brought forth through the description of what she was about to bear witness, was weighing upon her. She had been provided nothing more than words - oral and written accounts of what would soon lie before her, but her mind-controlled the narrative, and there was no escaping the image it had conjured.

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ISBN: 9781942661788
ISBN-10: 1942661789
Publisher: Kitsap Publishing
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2020
Pages: 362
Language: English