FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a book on the shelf today?  /  What do all these phrases on the website mean?

What does "Email or call for price" mean?

That usually means the book is either unavailable or very hard to find. We will do our best to help you find a copy, however, it may not be possible.

What does "Usually Ships in 1-5 Days" mean?

This means the book is not on our shelf today, but we would be delighted to add it to our order for you! When it arrives we will be in contact to let you know it's ready to go.

What does "On Our Shelves Now" mean?

This means we have a copy! Something to be aware of, is sometimes a copy may be hiding too well for anyone to find. In this case we will add another copy to our order and be in touch when it's ready. If you click on the item, it will tell you the quantity we should have.


What are your shipping rates?

We offer a few options for shipping: Media Mail, Priority, and International. Media Mail is the most cost effective and starts at $3.64 (plus 65 cents per additional item), priority is 1-3 days and starts at $9.95 (plus 95 cents per additional item). International shipping is an estimate at $34.95, and while it is often all that is needed, rates may vary. See "Do you ship internationally?" below.

What is Media Mail and why isn't it tracked?

Media Mail is a unique service offered by the USPS. It allows books to be sent at a more cost effective rate, which is one reason why we enjoy lower shipping rates than most countries! However, because it is a lower cost, it is also a lower priority and your package will head to the nearest sorting facility before going to your delivery address. This means it may be anywhere from 2-8 business days before it arrives, and is not tracked. It also cannot be used to ship anything except books, even if there are books in the same package.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! The cost of international shipping has risen quite a bit, and the fee charged is an estimate. Usually it is accurate, but occasionally additional payment is necessary so we aren't operating at a loss. In the event of a wild difference between the fee and the actual cost, we will contact you to collect additional payment. If you aren't able to checkout on our website, please send us an email with the items you were trying to purchase and the address you would like it shipped to and we will respond as quickly as possible. We will adjust the charge down in the event of a lesser cost for shipping your package.

What is "Donation to offset shipping cost" and why are you asking for more money?

Great question! We actually lose on average one dollar on every media mail shipment we send. We do try to reuse shipping supplies whenever possible, such as bubble envelopes when they are in good shape, but those cost about a dollar a piece as well as shipping costing more than charged when a book is more than one pound. This option is available in response to several requests we got from customers during 2020 to have a "real cost" shipping option.

Order Status

How do I know when my order is ready to be picked up?

We will email you at the same email address you used to check out! Additionally, if you sign in to your account, you can check the status of your orders at any time by clicking "My Account" and then "Orders."

When will my preorder be ready?

We usually have preorders available to be picked up the day they are released. If you are having a book shipped to you, normal shipping times apply. Please see the "Shipping" section above. In the event of a personalized copy, this also is affected by the author's availability to sign your book, but usually it is still ready to be picked up or shipped out the same day as release.

Why isn't my order here yet?

Check the shipping method selected. If you chose "media mail," according to the USPS that is a 2-8 business day delivery estimate and is not tracked. If you chose Priority mail, check your order or email for a tracking number. Please allow up to 24 hours for tracking information to update. If you have done all this and it is still puzzling why your package hasn't arrived yet, please give us a call or email!